Ivory Wedding Bouquet

This is another one of my favorite custom orders – a sparkling cascade wedding bouquet. It features some french beaded roses and dahlias along with a mix of foliage, crystal and pearl sprays, and tiny flowers. The most difficult part of this bouquet was that the customer wanted it all in shades of ivory, crystal, …

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French Beaded Dahlia arrangement by Lauren Harpster

Dahlia Harvest

This piece, which I call “Dahlia Harvest” was made as a custom order for a gentleman who wanted a special and meaningful gift for his wife. She has a garden full of all sorts of dahlias that she harvests in a big bucket. He sent me an image of one of her harvests in her …

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French beaded berry and rose wedding bouquet by Lauren Harpster

Rose and Berry Wedding Bouquet

This delicious bouquet was a custom order. It features some of my famous Ruffled Roses, lavender, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and strawberries. The boutonniere is made of a tiny purple pansy and some of the same berries.  This is one of my all-time favorite pieces! Not only does it combine flowers and fruit in a bouquet, …

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Christmas Collection

My Christmas Collection is a group of patterns and designs included in the first volume of my “French Beading Patterns” series. The book was published in December 2017. It is available to purchase from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.ca, Amazon.fr, Amazon.it, Amazon.de, Amazon.es, and Amazon.jp. You can also purchase  a signed copy or the digital book from …

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French Beaded wedding bouquet by Lauren Harpster

Lily and Rose Wedding Bouquet

This piece was made for a friend as a recreation of the bouquet that she carried at her wedding. It is a wall hanging, so the back is flat.  It features some gorgeous white Lilies made with some of my favorite satin beads, yellow roses, some Dendrobium Orchids, ivy, and blue beaded ribbons.  The piece …

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French Beaded Flower Bouquet by Lauren Harpster

Mixed French Beaded Flower Bouquet

This project was one of my final custom orders earlier this year (2018). And one of the hardest ones to arrange. Because it was custom I didn’t get to choose the exact flowers or colors, and I was also given exact instructions on how many of each flower to include, which limited my ability to …

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French Beaded Rainbow wreath by Lauren Harpster

2018 One-A-Day Project

For 2018 I decided to begin an undertaking that would take the whole year. I was inspired by stitching friend to do a One-A-Day project, meaning I make one piece (a flower, a sprig, or a leaf) each day then at the end of the year I will have a completed piece that represents my …

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French Beaded Roses by Lauren Harpster

Flower Stems

I have made so many flowers for orders or as pattern displays over the years. Here is a collection of my very favorites.  Some of these patterns have been published, and others have not… yet! If you click on the pictures of the flowers that say “pattern published” in the caption, it will take you …

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French Beaded Southern Magnolia Sculpture by Lauren Harpster


I’ve played around a little with turning my French Beaded Flowers into self-standing sculptures as well. These are a little tricky, since they have to be balanced and supported well enough by the base. Cattelya Orchid This one was so much fun to make! I was practicing an advanced ruffling technique, and decided last-minute to …

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French Beaded Christmas Wreath by Lauren Harpster

2019 One-A-Day Project

I enjoyed my 2018 Rainbow Wreath Project so much that I decided to do another One-A-Day Project for 2019. This year I’m making a Christmas Wreath!  I started the project with the main focals of the wreath, the blue and gold poinsettias.  Update March 18, 2019 –  So far I have 76 pieces, and 289 …

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Tropical Wedding Bouquet

This was my very final custom order, which I made last year. I was given a color scheme of hot pink, orange, and cobalt blue, with a tropical theme since the wedding was to take place in Jamaica. It features some of my Sweetheart Roses, Hawaiian Ginger, Dendrobium Orchids, Pincushion Protea, Lignum Vitae (the national …

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