Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale!

Hello wonderful beady friends! Just dropping by to announce my Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale for this year. You can get 30% off any order by entering the coupon code “cybersale” at checkout. The sale will go through Monday, December 2nd. 


French Beaded Christmas Tree pattern by Lauren Harpster
French Beaded Azalea Branch and Topiary pattern by Lauren Harpster
French Beaded Rose Pattern by Lauren Harpster from Bead and Blossom

I don’t currently have any of the print editions of my Christmas Collection book in stock, but you can purchase on Amazon. I can’t give you a coupon for Amazon, so I’ve already discounted my book to $22 USD. That price change has already taken effect in the US.  There may be a bit of a delay in the price change for overseas Amazon websites. Because of this, I am extending the sale on the print book through all of next week to make sure everyone who wanted to purchase at a discount gets the opportunity to do so. 

Also, some have reported issues checking out on my website while using a foreign credit card via Stripe. That issue has been solved, I believe as many overseas orders have gone through without problems. If you do encounter any issues, I do have an Etsy shop called BeadandBlossomDesign that contains most of my patterns (except for free ones and Beaded Berry Collection). 

Free Technique PDFs

Since I started this new website last year and updated all of my technique lessons, I’ve received multiple requests to make my Learn French Beading lessons available as downloadable PDFs. I took a little bit of time last month and put together the PDFs for the Intermediate and Advanced technique lessons that I’ve published so far. You can find those as free downloads in the “Free Technique PDF’s” section in my shop

I have not published individual PDF’s for the lessons in Beginner Course yet, because that entire course is coming as one big PDF and book soon. It will be a little while until I get to the Intermediate and Advanced courses with video and practice patterns, so I wanted to go ahead and make those techniques available for download now for those who would like them. 

My life has been a bit of a wild ride this year, and I’ve had nothing but delays, but I’ve continued to fight through it to get this Beginner Course done for you guys. It might be the only thing I get to finish this year, but that’s okay. I’ve come to terms with none of my plans for 2019 working out. But I’m really almost done now. I don’t have a studio to work from right now. My family has moved multiple times in the last few months as we’ve been bouncing around between temporary vacation rentals while we wait for our new house to be finished, but I have a recording studio set up in a big closet in our current temporary home to get the last few videos done. I’ll try to take a picture for next time because it’s kind of funny to me. Basically, this course will be the most comprehensive guide for beginners wanting to learn French beading, and I’m so stinking excited! I’ll have more details, and some sneak peeks for you guys sometime next month! 

One-a-day Christmas Wreath Update

So, since I’m here and my crazy internet is still functioning, I’ll throw in a picture of how my big project this year is going. 

This is my most recent picture, but there’s been some updates and additions since I took it. Just don’t have an easy way to take a picture of it right now. 

I decided not to include the filigree leaves that you can see on the right side of the wreath. Instead I made some small white Amaryllis flowers. And I’ve also been working on the big bow and some eucalyptus leaves, but those aren’t finished yet. 

French Beaded Christmas wreath by Lauren Harpster

I will be publishing a full PDF and book for this wreath. I’ve been working on it all year, but with the unexpected delays in Beginner Course taking up extra time when I was supposed to be working just on this project/book, it won’t be ready until probably February 2020. But it is coming!

Well that’s about all the updates I have for now. I hope all of my fellow USA peoples have had a wonderful Thanksgiving this week! 

Happy beading, everyone! 

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