French Beaded Christmas Tree

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Christmas is by far my most favorite holiday! And the one thing I love most is decorating the tree. Come bead along with me and learn how to make your very own miniature sized French Beaded Christmas tree, complete with tiny beaded ornaments.

This pattern was originally published in my first book, “Christmas Collection”, but now I’ve made that pattern available as a video class! Even if you have that book or the individual PDF pattern for the tree, you will need the PDF included in the class as I have added new info.

The tree itself can be made in a variety of sizes, as shown in the display picture. The tallest is around 12 inches tall. The smaller ones are around 9 inches tall. This does not include the trunk or the pots below the trees. The finished height and shape of the tree will vary from one person to the next depending on the spacing you choose during assembly and personal technique differences. You will have the option to make a beaded skirt, or pot the tree if you prefer.

The videos are not downloadable, but you will have unlimited access to them as long as my site exists.

One student per purchase!

The videos are in English, and do not have captions.

(C) 2021 Lauren Harpster. All rights reserved. This class and all the accompanying materials have been published for personal use only. They may not be shared between multiple users, copied, edited, resold, or redistributed in any format. They may not be used for teaching classes (including free classes with no monetary gain). Items made from the pattern/class may be sold, but please credit the design to Lauren Harpster in all listings and displays. 

View a class preview video here: https://youtu.be/zVMy0iBi4Ak

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Topics for this course

15 Lessons04h 36m 23s

Making the Tree

Lesson 2: Branch Units D and E00:10:36
Lesson 3: Branches F and G00:08:31
Lesson 4: Branches H I J00:08:42
Lesson 5: Branches K and L00:08:31
Lesson 6: Branch Tips & Branch Assembly00:16:18
Lesson 7: Tree Assembly00:59:42
Lesson 8: Making a Beaded Tree Skirt00:35:36
Lesson 9: Potting a Tree00:17:04

Decorating the Tree

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French Beaded Christmas Trees by Lauren Harpster
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Material Includes

  • Christmas Tree Pattern
  • Mini Snowflake Ornament Pattern
  • Mini Poinsettia Ornament Pattern
  • Mini Bezeled Rivoli Ornament Pattern
  • Star Tree Topper Pattern
  • 15 Video Lessons

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