French Beaded Miniature Rose birdcage vine by Lauren Harpster

Custom Miniature Rose Vine Piece

I’m going to quickly update about this last piece I’ve finished. My series of Tips will start next week as I am completely exhausted and haven’t had a chance to gather all my thoughts (or what’s left of my thoughts after this piece) for the first segment on Designing Flowers.

Alrighty. Last week I showed you a picture of the sketch I made for the customer who commissioned this piece. It features roses made from my Free Miniature Rose pattern, assembled into a wreath with draping vines. This was a seriously intense project. Around 160 roses, and over 300 leaves. Working with carpal tunnel affecting both of my wrists, thumbs, and pointer fingers made it take much longer than it normally would.

French Beaded Miniature Rose birdcage vine by Lauren Harpster
French Beaded Miniature Rose wreath with vines by Lauren Harpster

This piece will be displayed on my customer’s shelf, which has a dome shape. But I didn’t have one of those, so I used this little birdcage with the same top dimensions to display it for pictures.
The outer width of the wreath is about 10 inches, and the longest vine is 18 inches. The assembly alone took around 6 hours, not including the time it took to put the layers of petals together into roses, or the time to turn individual leaves into leaf branches. So, it was just a massive project. I’ve been up into the wee hours of the morning for many days. I had to push myself that hard to finish because I have more custom work, and other projects, with deadlines that I can’t miss.

But, all the work was worth it as I think it turned out amazing! Even better than what I was imagining. It’s so wonderful to see the end result of something you’ve been toiling over for so long.

And now I jump into my next custom order, which is also very exciting!

French Beaded Miniature Rose birdcage vine by Lauren Harpster

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