French Beaded Christmas Tree Master Class with Lauren Harpster

French Beaded Christmas Tree Video Class

My French Beaded Christmas Tree pattern was originally published in my first book, “Christmas Collection,” in 2017. I have now produced a full-length video class to teach the design from start to finish! I’ve altered the assembly from the original pattern to include a couple more stem wires, added an option to pot the tree, and developed a few new ornament patterns – including a Mini Snowflake, Mini Poinsettia, and Mini Bezeled Rivoli.

The video class has 15 video lessons, with a total of about 4.5 hours of recordings to watch.

I’ve posted a preview video of the class below. The class will be offered at $5 off the price until Christmas. Find more info about the class in my Video Classes page.

I am so excited to release this class. I’ve been working my tail off on it for months. In the process of producing this class, I made four new trees of varying sizes. I made all the branches for all four trees within 3 weeks, which means my fingers almost fell off. The white one is for my husband to take to his office. The others will probably stay with me. Someday I’ll have a forest of beaded Christmas trees! Gonna need more shelves around here…

French Beaded Christmas Trees by Lauren Harpster

This is my first paid video class that I’ve done. There was a lot to learn in getting it all set up and working properly with all the other parts of my website. It was not as clear-cut as the new system I’m using made it seem. Thank heavens for my sweet husband who knows things about computers and websites and programming… and doesn’t mind helping when I’m ready to start tearing my hair out.

I’m currently working on patterns for little French Beaded gift boxes and several more ornaments. Those patterns will be released soon-ish in a little bundled PDF. I was hoping I would have enough time to make more beaded gift boxes for all of my trees, but life has a way of taking up any extra time I think I have. I’m also working on some basic kits for the Christmas Trees. They will have the materials to make the tree itself, no ornaments, and I won’t have very many, especially in the large tree size. Those kits will be dropping in my shop sometime this upcoming week. I probably won’t send out another email blast, so watch for my posts on Facebook and Instagram (@BeadandBlossomStudio) if you’re interested in those tree kits. These will be the last kits I make for a long time.

That’s all for this update. I’ll be back in the New Year. Happy Holidays, all!

– Lauren

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