Free French Beaded Globe Amaranth Pattern by Lauren Harpster

French Beaded Globe Amaranth – New Video Tutorial with PDF

Earlier this year I made a large arrangement featuring lots of bright and colorful flowers. One of those was the Globe Amaranth, or as I like to call them, spike ball flowers. Many people asked if I would publish a tutorial for these flowers, and I decided to do a video too. 🙂

​You can download a free copy of the PDF version for this pattern, then head over to Youtube to watch the video that goes with it. 

I hope you enjoy the tutorial! I think I’m getting better at videos, though I’m still learning lots of ways to improve them.

I’m doing lots of behind-the-scenes work right now. Lots of videos are being recorded, lots of designs are being photographed. My new website is coming together nicely. And, this week and next week I’m working on a new PDF pattern, my Split-Tip Dahlia. I love Dahlias. There are so many different varieties on my “To-Make” list. I could write a whole book on just Dahlia patterns. Feels good to get stuff done!

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