French Beading Tutorials

I have divided the French Beading Techniques into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced categories based on the knowledge and experience required to work with them. Techniques taught in the higher categories assume you are already comfortable with the techniques in the previous categories.

>> Download a PDF Glossary of French Beading Terms here. <<
>> Download a PDF for the abbreviations I use in my patterns here. <<

– Beads & Supplies –

Before you start learning techniques, it’s important to get a good idea of what tools and materials you will be working with. Click on the title above to view info on: 

  • Beads
  • Wire
  • Tools & Other Supplies
  • How to String Beads

– Beginner Techniques –

These are the first techniques that new students should master. In future courses, you learn how to alter or build on top of these techniques to change their shapes. I recommend working in the order presented in the PDF. Download the Free PDF lesson packet to get started!

– Intermediate Techniques –

Once you are comfortable with the basics taught in the Beginner Techniques section, it’s time to learn how to alter the shapes even further, and build on top of them with add-on techniques! Download the packet to get started.

– Advanced Techniques –

Techniques in this section are advanced variations of techniques in the previous sections, or trickier alterations and add-ons. You can work through these in any order.  Unlike my previous courses, this one has not yet been turned into a PDF packet as there is more to teach. Once I get all my lessons done, they will also be turned into a PDF packet with a video class. For now, click the individual lessons to learn the techniques.

– Miscellaneous Techniques and Skills –

– Helpful Blog Posts & Videos –

An ever-expanding collection of blog posts with tips, helps, flower studies, tutorials, and fun experiments. 

– Free Pattern Library –

I have a small library of free patterns for anyone to download. Even though they are free, these patterns are still copyrighted and may not be shared on other websites or used for teaching classes. If you would like to share them, please do so with a link back to my website.

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