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Free French Beading Tutorials! Learn the art with designer Lauren Harpster.

Through my years of trying to help others learn how to make French Beaded Flowers, I’ve developed a way of looking at techniques that’s a little bit different than other designers and teachers. I’ve divided techniques into two basic categories: Base and Add-on techniques. Base techniques can be used by themselves, or you can use add-on techniques to build on top of the bases to make new shapes. In contrast, add-on techniques cannot be used alone, but must be used in conjunction with a base – any base! It is my hope that this approach will allow for a greater understanding of French Beading methods, and how you can mix and match different techniques to make a variety of shape combinations. I’ve divided the techniques into Courses based on the skill level and knowledge base required to use them. 

I also have a Glossary of the terms used in French Beading for easy reference. 

- Beginner Course -

My Learn French Beading: Beginner Course is all about building foundations. Through this course you will learn all of the beginner level Base Techniques to help you get started on your journey to learn the art of French Beaded Flowers.

My Beginner Course techniques are now available as a free PDF download. The PDF contains these lessons: 

  1. Continuous Loops
    • Continuous Loop Technique
    • Closing Large Units
    • Spacer Beads
    • Combining Continuous Units

2. Continuous Cross-over Loops

3. Continuous Wraparound Loops

4. Fringe

    • Twisted Fringe
    • Wire-Back Fringe
    • Loop Fringes
    • Fringe Loops

5. Basic Frame

    • Basic Frame Technique
    • Reverse Wrap

6. Lacing

    • Lacing Technique
    • Lace-as-you-go

- Intermediate Course -

My Learn French Beading: Intermediate Course introduces a couple of modified Base Techniques, along with some Add-on techniques that are built on top of Base Techniques. You will need to complete the Beginner Course before moving on to the Intermediate Course as it builds on previous knowledge. 

These lessons are all available as free PDFs in my shop. 

1. Beehive Basic Frame

2. Continuous Basic Frame

    • Continuous Basic Frame Technique
    • Combining multiple continuous units

3. Extensions

    • Top Wire Extensions
    • Bottom Wire Extensions
    • Extensions with Continuous techniques

4. Loop-Back

    • Loop-Back Technique
    • Loop-Back with continuous techniques

5. Scallops

    • Scallop Technique
    • Scallops with continuous techniques

6. Ruffles

    • Traditional Ruffles
    • Ruffle-as-you-go

- Advanced Course -

My Advanced Course will teach some Base and Add-on techniques that I consider to be a little trickier to master, along with some advanced variations of techniques from the Beginner and Intermediate Courses. This one is still under construction. Be sure to check back for new technique tutorials, or sign up for my Newsletter to get an email notification when new tutorials are available. 

These lessons are available as free PDFs in my shop. 

- Extra Techniques and Skills -

- Helpful Blog Posts -

A ever-expanding collection of blog posts with tips, helps, tutorials, and fun experiments. 

- Flower Patterns -

Once you are comfortable with the techniques, try some of my French Beaded Flower patterns! Some of the patterns are free and others are paid. The free flower patterns are generally designed with beginners in mind, while the paid patterns have a range of difficulty from beginner to advanced. 

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