Learn French Beading

Free French Beading Tutorials! Learn the art with designer Lauren Harpster.

- Beginner Course -

My Beginner’s Course is all about building foundations. It will teach you all of the base techniques and help you get started on your journey to learn the art of French Beaded Flowers.

Part 1: Tools and Materials · Continuous Loops · Continuous Crossover Loops · Continuous Wraparound Loops · Fringe · Basic Frame · Lacing · Beehive · Continuous Basic Frame

- Intermediate Course -

I’ve just started adding technique tutorials to my Intermediate Course. More will be added over time. This course will introduce ways to modify or add-on to the base techniques learned in the Beginner Course. 

Part 1: Extensions · Loop-Back · Scallops · Ruffles · Split-Loop

- Miscellaneous Techniques & Skills -

- Free Flower Patterns -

I do have free French Beaded Flower patterns available in my Shop! These patterns are beginner friendly, making them an excellent way to practice the techniques you’ve learned in my French Beading tutorials. 

- Helpful Blog Posts -

A collection of blog posts containing tips, tutorials, and helpful hints. 

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