French Beading Technique Tutorials

Through my years of trying to help others learn how to make French Beaded Flowers, I’ve developed a way of looking at techniques that’s a little bit different than other designers and teachers. I’ve divided techniques into two basic categories: Base and Add-on techniques. Base techniques can be used by themselves, or you can use add-on techniques to build on top of the bases to make new shapes. In contrast, add-on techniques cannot be used alone, but must be used in conjunction with a base – any base! It is my hope that this approach will allow for a greater understanding of French Beading methods, and how you can mix and match different techniques to make a variety of shape combinations. I’ve divided the techniques into three difficulty levels (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced) based on the skill level and knowledge required to use them. 

>> Download a PDF Glossary of French Beading Terms here. <<

>> Download a PDF for the abbreviations I use in my patterns here. <<

Before you start learning techniques, it’s important to get a good idea of what tools and materials you will be working with. Click on the title above to view info on: 

  • Beads
  • Wire
  • Tools & Other Supplies
  • How to String Beads

- Beginner Techniques -

Included in this lesson:

  • Continuous Loops
  • Spacer Beads
  • Combining & Reinforcing

Included in this lesson:

  • Crossover Loops

Included in this Lesson:

  • Wraparound Loops

Included in this lesson:

  • Twisted Fringe
  • Wire-Back Fringe
  • Loop Fringe / Fringe Loop
  • Branching Fringe

Included in this lesson:

  • Basic Frame
  • Reverse Wrap

Included in this lesson:

  • Lacing
  • Lace-as-you-go

- Intermediate Techniques -

- Advanced Techniques -

- Miscellaneous Techniques and Skills -

- Helpful Blog Posts & Videos -

An ever-expanding collection of blog posts with tips, helps, flower studies, tutorials, and fun experiments. 

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