Beginner Course

This free course will teach you everything a French Beading beginner needs to know to make beautiful beaded flowers. My Beginner Course is all about building foundations, and I do mean that literally. Part I teaches all of the entry level Base Techniques. As you advance in French Beading, these base techniques will be modified, or we will add more techniques on top of them. So it’s very important to gain a clear understanding of how these foundation techniques work. 

I recommend working through the lessons in order. The techniques, skills, and vocabulary will build on each other as you progress. 

- Part I: Techniques -

Beads – Wire – Tools – Other Materials

Standard CL – Closing Large Units – Spacer Beads

Twisted Fringe – Wire-Back Fringe – Loop Fringes – Fringe Loops – Fringe within Fringe

Standard Basic Frame – Reducing Bottom Wires – Reverse Wrap

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