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Lesson Two: Continuous Basic Frame


  • Continuous Basic Frame
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Watch a video demonstration of this technique on my Youtube Channel.

Continuous Basic Frame is a modification of the Basic Frame technique. It is also a Base Technique, meaning you can use almost any add-on technique with it. 

Continuous Basic Frame (abbreviated CBF) is one of the Base Techniques that I’m introducing in my Intermediate Course. This is not a traditional French Beading technique. You won’t find it in any of the older books, or books from other designers. This is because it is one of the techniques that I have invented during my time as a French Beaded Flower designer. Continuous Basic Frame combines Basic Frame and Continuous Wraparound Loops in order to make multiple Basic Frame type petals on a single wire. It’s purpose is to reduce the number of petal stem wires, which helps keep flower stems nice and thin, and also makes assembly much faster. 

You can make any combination of Basic Frame shapes with Continuous Basic Frame. The only difference is that CBF will always have an even number of rows, whereas Basic Frame usually has an odd number of rows. As long as you are only working with one color of beads, you can work CBF directly from the spool without measuring or cutting any wire. 

I’ve removed the tutorial here on this page in favor of a PDF, which you can download for free here

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