New French Beaded Camellia Pattern + Video Class

The video classes system on my website is finally fixed, and that means I can finally announce the release of my newest design! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you might remember seeing me post images of these two Camellias that I made for my mother and mother-in-law as Christmas presents. You might also remember me saying I was working on a video class for the design.

French Beaded Camellias by Lauren Harpster

So I made a third branch in red with sparkly petal edges and sparkly leaves for myself, so I could record the videos. It’s taken longer than I planned to get all that done, but here she is! I chose red for mine simply because I had a ton of red beads that I wanted to use. If I had more time I’d make myself a pink one too.

This is an Intermediate design – meaning you should already be comfortable with the techniques that I teach in my Beginner Course and ready to start learning the next tier of techniques, or already comfortable with the techniques I teach in my Intermediate Course. You can purchase the Video Class + PDF from the Video Classes page, or you can purchase just the PDF from my Shop. The PDF is also available in my Etsy Shop for those who prefer to shop there. Unfortunately, I can’t list video classes there since purchasing those requires an account on my website.

Happy beading!
– Lauren

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