New French Beaded Freesia Pattern!

Hello beady friends! I’ve got some exciting news today. Four years ago I started a design for French Beaded Freesias as part of a custom order. But, I wasn’t 100% happy with the design at that point, and after that particularly difficult order I didn’t have the mental energy needed to come up with better solutions. So, the design sat in storage for a while. I tried picking it up again sometime last year and made a bunch of petals, but I either ran out of steam or got distracted by something shiny. But I’ve been getting requests to publish the pattern ever since that custom order back in 2018.

Last month in our “Learn How to Make French Beaded Flowers” Facebook group, we devoted a month to unfinished projects. And my Freesias was one of the ones I felt inspired to pick up again.

Armed with four more years of design experience, I was able to tackle all of the issues I had with the original design. And I made six new stems. I planned on one or two more than this, but ran out of steam again. I’m not someone who can make the same flower over and over and over and still enjoy it. I need change and variety or I get bored. But, I’m happy with the arrangement I was able to make with the stems I finished. In the arrangement below, the lighter pink ones were made four years ago from the original design. Enough remained the same that I felt like they deserved to be a part of the finished arrangement. And I didn’t want to waste them. They’ve been sitting in my “extras” vase in my studio for a while, and now they finally have a home. Where on earth I’m going to find room in my home for my Freesia arrangement is an entirely different problem. All my flat surfaces are already full of beaded flowers!

French Beaded Freesia Pattern by Lauren Harpster
French Beaded Freesia by Lauren Harpster
French Beaded Freesia by Lauren Harpster

The PDF Pattern for my French Beaded Freesia design is now available in my shop! This is an Intermediate design, which means you will need to be comfortable with all of the techniques listed in the Beginner section of the Learn page, and either comfortable with or ready to learn and practice techniques in the Intermediate section. All of the techniques required are listed on the shop page.

If you follow me on Instagram (@BeadandBlossomStudio) or Facebook, you might have seen a quick video I posted of me making one of the leaves. The longest ones are 8 inches long, which can be a little fiddly to work with.

Happy Beading!

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