French Beaded Stargazer Lily pattern by Lauren Harpster

New French Beaded Stargazer Lily Pattern

Hello there beadiful people! Just popping by really quick to announce the release of my newest pattern – my French Beaded Stargazer Lily.

This wasn’t originally in my plans. I’ve been trying to record videos for a course, but so many things have gotten in the way and prevented my progress on that project. It’s hard to record videos when your voice is going in and out. 🙁 A friend of mine asked if I could make a Stargazer for her to give as a gift to one of her friends, and I happily accepted. Then decided to take pictures while I made it and publish the pattern.

And oh my heavens it was a hard one to write. If you’ve followed my blogs or purchased other patterns I’ve published that have complex shading, you’ve probably heard me say before that this type of shading is harder to do. It’s harder to write patterns for because the bead counts probably won’t be the same from one person to the next, or even one petal to the next. Even when I remake this, the bead counts are not the same. That said, at the beginning and end of a row, the bead counts should be very similar. It’s what falls in the middle of the rows that will have the most variation. So, hopefully you can understand why writing this one was difficult. This is an advanced level pattern due to the shading. You’ll need to be comfortable adjusting the counts a little as necessary.

I do have pictures of every row in the petals, and I do give written shading guidelines as well. Over 71 pictures in the full pattern. And I think this pattern is a large improvement from my shading guides in the Orchid Pattern (though that one did have quite a few more colors, which made it even harder to write). The PDF also contains sources for the beads that I used.

After I finished this project, I realized that I had enough beads left over to make two more Stargazers. And because I know how expensive and difficult it can be to order beads from multiple suppliers (I do not know of any one supplier that carries all these beads!) I decided to offer those two bead sets for others. Because I made the sets from my stash, I’m not sure if I’ll ever restock them.  So consider it, at least for now, a limited item. Those bead sets are available in my Etsy Shop.

french beaded stargazer lily by Lauren Harpster

You can read more details about the pattern on my listing page.


2019 One-a-Day Project Update

I’ve already updated the Portfolio page on this project, but realized that I hadn’t posted pictures here on my blog… so this is an old update. I don’t have pictures for my current progress yet.

French Beaded Poinsettias by Lauren Harpster - 2019 Christmas Wreath in progress
French Beaded Poinsettias by Lauren Harpster - 2019 Christmas Wreath in progress
French Beaded Poinsettias by Lauren Harpster - 2019 Christmas Wreath in progress

2 thoughts on “New French Beaded Stargazer Lily Pattern”

  1. Linda hobster

    Hi Lauren. Another beautiful pattern! Sadly I can’t seem to find white wire anywhere in the UK. Have you ever thought of selling components to make your lovely flowers? X

    1. Lauren Harpster

      Hello Linda,
      Thank you very much! For white wire in the UK, try Scientific Wire. They have an ivory that I’ve tested and it works well with white beads. Just use an opaque white instead of the pearl white, so the wire color won’t show through the beads.

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