Ivory Wedding Bouquet

This is another one of my favorite custom orders – a sparkling cascade wedding bouquet. It features some french beaded roses and dahlias along with a mix of foliage, crystal and pearl sprays, and tiny flowers. The most difficult part of this bouquet was that the customer wanted it all in shades of ivory, crystal, white, and some sparkly silver. When working with beads that are all the same or similar colors, it’s difficult to get individual pieces to stand out. It required some very strategic shading and placement of the elements to avoid it looking like a mass of ivory beads.

French Beaded Ivory roses by Lauren Harpster
The Roses
French Beaded Ivory Dahlias by Lauren Harpster
The Dahlias
Modeled by me in my wedding dress
top view
close up on the cascade
side view
side view
Side view with handle
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