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Flower Stems

French Beaded Roses by Lauren Harpster

I have made so many flowers for orders or as pattern displays over the years. Here is a collection of my very favorites. 

Some of these patterns have been published, and others have not… yet! If you click on the pictures of the flowers that say “pattern published” in the caption, it will take you to the listing in my shop for the pattern. 

Freesia (pattern published)
Pincusion Protea
Large Sunflower

Hydrangea with netted leaves (pattern published)

Sweetheart Roses (pattern published)
Bearded Irises
Striped Carnations

Large Split-Tip Dahlia (pattern published)
Fire polished roses

Small Split-Tip Dahlias (pattern published)

Miniature Bearded Iris (pattern published)

Black-Eyed Susan (pattern published)
Large Sunflower

Dahlias (pattern published)
Chamomile and Billy Balls
Dendrobium Orchids

Southern Magnolia (pattern published)

Peonies (pattern published)
peach satin rose
Fire polished rose
Wavy rose

Camellia (pattern published)

Zinnia and Hanging Amaranth (patterns published)

Echeveria and Sedum Coral Bells (pattern published)

Azalea (pattern published)

French Beaded Pine Branches (pattern published)

Hawaiian Ginger and Areca Palm (Patterns published)

Mistletoe (pattern published)

Miniature Orchids (pattern published)

Miniature Daffodils (pattern published)
satin wavy rose

Double Tulip (pattern published)

Roses (pattern published)

Stargazer Lily (pattern published)

Miniature Orchid (pattern published)

Lavender (pattern published)

Paperwhites (pattern published)

Lily of the Valley (pattern published)
Pink Dahlias

Asiatic Lily (pattern published)

Poinsettias (pattern published)

Tulips (pattern published)

Strawberry Plant (pattern published)
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