Filigree Technique PDF – Learn French Beading: Extra Techniques

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This is a downloadable PDF version of the Filigree French Beading technique. This is a fun new technique that was discovered a few years ago, though no one knows the original developer. The technique creates these open, lace-like petals and leaves, for a more decorative look.

To work this technique, you will need to understand the concepts behind the Basic Frame and Scallop techniques.

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Learn the advanced Filigree technique to make open, lace-like petals and leaves. Because this technique is more fantasy and not used in many flower patterns, it is not a part of any of my courses, but included in my “Extras” section. 

This tutorial was originally published as part of my first book “Christmas Collection.”  

© 2019 Lauren Harpster / Bead & Blossom. All rights reserved. The images and written instructions are copyright protected. This tutorial may not be printed and distributed for personal gain or teaching classes, but feel free to print a copy for personal use. The images and pages may not be uploaded onto other websites. If you would like to share the tutorial, please do so with a link! 


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