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My French Beaded Christmas Tree was originally published in my first book “Christmas Collection” in 2017. I’ve now produced a full-length video class that demonstrates how to create your own tree from start to finish – with about 4.5 hours of video! A PDF of the updated pattern is included in the purchase of the class.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate with Advanced Options

Techniques Required:
Continuous Loops
Wire-Back Fringe
Spoke Frame

Please scroll down to read all of the details before you purchase! You can also view a class preview video here.

More Details

The updated PDF is required to take the class, and therefore I have included it in the purchase of the video class. You can download the PDF from the “Resources” tab on the class page.

The PDF is 23 pages long and has over 100 high quality images an written instructions. The patterns for the tree components are the same as the original pattern, but I have altered the assembly instructions to include more stem wires, added an option to pot the tree. This version contains different ornament patterns – Mini Snowflake, Mini Poinsettia, and Mini Bezeled Rivoli.

Finished Size:
The size of the finished tree will vary from one person to the next, depending on person technique and how far apart you choose to space the branches.

Small Tree – The tree itself (not including the trunk or base) is about 9 inches tall and around 6 inches wide

Large Tree – The tree itself is about 12 inches tall and around 6.5 inches wide

Videos Included

Making the Tree:
– Lesson 1: Branches ABC – 14:10
– Lesson 2: Branches DE – 10:36
– Lesson 3: Branches FG – 8:31
– Lesson 4: Branches HIJ – 8:42
– Lesson 5: Branch KL – 8:31
– Lesson 6: Branch Tips & Branch Assembly – 16:18
– Lesson 7: Tree Assembly – 59:42
– Lesson 8: Making a Beaded Tree Skirt – 35:36
– Lesson 9: Potting a Tree – 17:04

Decorating the Tree:
– Lesson 1: Simple Bead and Charm Ornaments – 14:10
– Lesson 2: Mini Beaded Snowflake Ornament – 9:45
– Lesson 3: Mini Poinsettia Ornament – 14:48
– Lesson 4: Mini Bezeled Rivoli Ornament – 17:54
– Lesson 5: The Star Topper – 14:31
– Decorating the Tree – 14:56

Accessing Class Materials

You do need to have a registered account on my website to purchase this class. That’s the only way I could ensure that you would be able to view the class later. You can create a new account here. Or you can register by following the prompts when adding the course to your cart (it won’t let you buy it without an account.)

To access the video portion:
1) Sign into your account. 2) Open the “Video Classes” catalog page from the main menu on my website. 3) Click on the class you purchased and there should be a button you can to Start the Course. You can also click on any of the video links below the class description.

Or – 1) Sign into your account. 2) Find the “My Account” drop-down list at the top of my website and click “Classes.” That will take you to a Dashboard that shows all the classes you’ve purchased, among other details about the classes.

To download the included PDF: 
1) Sign into your account and navigate to the class page as described in accessing the videos. 2) Click on the “Resources” tab right above the list of videos. The PDF should be there for you to download.

Or, you will receive an email after purchasing with a link to download the PDF.

Copyright Info

accompanying materials have been published for personal use only. They may not be shared between multiple users, copied, edited, resold, or redistributed in any format. They may not be used for teaching classes (including free classes with no monetary gain). Items made from the pattern/class may be sold, but please credit the design to Lauren Harpster in all listings and displays. 

Basic Tree Materials

Makes 1 un-decorated tree:
• 11/0 seed beads in pine needle color – 250 grams for small tree, 400 grams for a large tree.
• 24 gauge (0.5 mm) copper core wire in branch color (I have used green or brown for a green tree, see notes for wire info for the white tree) – 280 ft for small tree, 400 ft for a large tree.
• 5-7x 18 inch 16 gauge florist stem wires (5 for potted tree, 6-7 for beaded skirt)
• floral tape (I used brown for the green tree and white for the white tree)
• 1-2 skeins embroidery floss to assemble tree and wrap trunk (I used brown for the green tree and white for the white tree)

There are two ways to display this tree – with a beaded tree skirt, or in a pot. The potted option is easier, while the beaded skirt is the more advanced option. The skirt can be made a little larger, so have extra on hand.

Beaded Tree Skirt Option:
• 25+ grams size 11/0 seed beads in main skirt color
• 8+ Grams size 11/0 seed beads in skirt edging color
• 15+ ft (4.5 m) 24 gauge (0.5 mm) copper core wire in main skirt color
• Optional: Felt colored the same as the skirt
• Optional: 4-5 inch (10.2-12.7 cm) wooden circle painted in skirt color (for the base) (my trees stand without the wooden circle, it just makes the skirt more stiff.

Potted Tree Option:
• 1 pot approximately 6 inches wide (15.2 cm)
• Craft plaster, resin, or non-hardening clay as potting medium
• Seed bead mix to use as topper over plaster or resin (use a mix of sizes, finishes, etc)
• Elmer’s Glue-All or Aleene’s Tacking Glue (to glue skirt beads to plaster)
• Pebbles or marbles to cover clay


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