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French Beaded Clematis PDF. Includes the Clematis pattern with YouTube video links. As a bonus, I’ve included instructions for turning the vines into a hoop wreath or a large garland/swag. I taught this class in a Facebook group, and decided to post the videos on YouTube, rather than sell them. While the videos will be free, purchasing the PDF is always appreciated to support my channel and efforts to teach the art of French Beaded Flowers.

Difficulty Level: Beginner+ (the hardest part is assembling the vines!)

Techniques Required:
Wire-Back Fringe
Basic Frame
Top Wire Extensions
All techniques are taught for free in the “Learn” section of my website.
Scroll down for more info.

My French Beaded Clematis pattern was designed to be flexible. Meaning, you can create a variety of Clematis flowers from the same pattern, just by altering the number of petals. I made samples with 4 petals, 6 petals, and 8 petals. The 6 petal version is the standard written in the pattern, but the PDF does contain materials lists for all three. There is also a materials list for a 9/0 3-cut version, and a 15/0 version, which makes smaller flowers.

The PDF is 18 pages long and contains over 70 images along with detailed written instructions to guide you in making your own Clematis vines. Display them in a pot, in a vase, or change the vine structure to make a hoop wreath. If you want to take on a larger project, try the swag!

(c) 2022 Lauren Harpster. All rights reserved. These patterns have been published for personal use only. They may not be shared, sold, or re-distributed in any way. They may not be used for teaching classes. Items made from the pattern may be sold, but please be respectful and acknowledge me as the designer in listings, social media posts, and sale displays.

Standard 6-petaled 11/0 Materials List: 

11/0 Seed Beads (rocailles):
A: 36 grams Dynamites frosted translucent rainbow blue (main petal)
B: 12 grams Preciosa 2-cut satin sol gel blue satin (petal edging)*
C: 2 grams Dynamites translucent matte light green (inner stamen color)
D: 9 grams Preciosa opaque alabaster white (outer stamen color)
E: 7 grams Toho 15F transparent matte citrus (bud petals)
F: 26 grams Preciosa transparent rainbow light green (leaves)
G: 22 grams Preciosa transparent rainbow green (leaves)
Colored Copper Wire:
• 55 ft (16.8 m) 24 gauge (0.5 mm) light blue (petals)
• 18 ft (5.5 m) 30 gauge (0.25 mm) light blue (petal lacing)
• 16 ft (4.9 m) 28 gauge (0.3 mm) white or gold (stamen)
• 60 ft (18.3 m) 24 gauge (0.5 mm) green (leaves, bud)
• 3x 16 gauge florist stem wire (for flower stems) – get the longest length you can find. Preferably 16+ inches, or use a shorter vase.
• 8x 18 gauge florist stem wire (for leaf stems, bud stems) – same on length
• 1-2x 20 gauge florist stem wire (optional, for tendrils)
• Light green floral tape
• 1-2 skeins Light green embroidery floss – DMC 3347 – (optional, for stem finishing)
• vase ~ 9 inches tall (choose one with a small opening to hold the skinny stem steady, and wide base for good balance)
• small vase filler marbles or pebbles (need to fit in the vase opening)

Beading Type

French Beading

Flower Size

Medium, Tall

Difficulty Level


Project Type

Floral Stems, Potted Plants, Wreath & Wall Hanging

Season & Holiday

Autumn, Summer


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