French Beaded Paperwhite Pattern – PDF


PDF Pattern for French Beaded Paperwhites by designer Lauren Harpster

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Learn how to make your very own French Beaded Paperwhites out of seed beads and wire. Enjoy the beauty of these delicate flowers, without the not-so-wonderful scent.

The PDF is 18 pages long and contains 70 high quality images along with detailed written instructions.

The pattern assumes you are already familiar with these French Beading Techniques:

All of these techniques are taught for free in the Learn French Beading section of my website.

I’ve rated this pattern an Intermediate difficulty due to the long leaves and the awkward assembly.

© 2018 Lauren Harpster. This design and pattern is copyright protected and is offered for personal, non-commercial use only. You are purchasing a copy of the pattern for yourself only. It may not be shared, resold, or redistributed in any form, even without monetary gain. It may not be used for teaching classes. Flowers made from this pattern may be sold as long as credit is given to Lauren Harpster for the design. Otherwise, flowers made from this pattern may not be sold.



  • 55 grams size 15/0 white seed beads (A)
  • ~2 grams size 15/0 dark yellow seed beads (B)
  • 70 grams size 11/0 yellow-green seed beads ( C)
  • 300 grams size 11/0 light green seed beads (D)
  • 40 grams size 11/0 ivory seed beads (E )
  • 30 grams size 11/0 light topaz seed beads (F)


  • 120 ft (37 m) 26 gauge (.4 mm) white copper core wire
  • 60 ft (19 m) 28 gauge (.315 mm) white copper core wire
  • 200 ft (65 m) 22 gauge (.6 mm) light green copper core wire
  • 15 ft (5 m) 24 or 26 gauge (.5 or .4 mm) gold copper core wire
  • 28 gauge (.315 mm) light green copper core wire
  • 30 gauge (.25 mm) light green copper core wire
  • 30 gauge (.25 mm) gold copper core wire
  • 7 pieces 16 gauge (1.3 mm) florist stem wire


  • Light green floral tape (get two rolls, just in case)
  • Light green embroidery floss (optional, for stem wrapping)
  • Pot measuring approximately at least 5 inches (12.7 cm) deep. I used an oval pot measuring 10”L x 5” W x 5”H (25x 12.7 x 12.7 cm)
  • At least 3 lbs Non-hardening clay (for potting)
  • A small block of floral foam (optional)
  • Moss, grass, pebbles, craft soil, etc (to cover the potting material)


  • Wire Cutters
  • Pliers
  • Measuring Tape/ Ruler
  • Bead Spinner (optional, but recommended)
  • Scissors
Beading Type

French Beading

Difficulty Level

Intermediate, Advanced

Flower Size

Small, Tall

Project Type

Potted Plants

Season & Holiday



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