French Beaded Succulents: Aeonium and String of Bananas – PDF Pattern


PDF Pattern for French Beaded Succulents: Aeonium and String of Bananas.

Difficulty Level: Beginner+

Techniques Used:

A Video Class + PDF option is available for this pattern. You can find that here.

The PDF is 16 pages long and contains over 70 high quality images along with detailed written instructions to help you create and plant a pot of French Beaded succulents.

The finished Aeonium is around 4 inches wide, and the String of Bananas pattern makes stems around 5-7 inches long.

The PDF is written in English.

The pattern contains full materials lists and shading patterns for all of the succulents shown in the display photos. Here is a list for the Green Aeonium and String of Bananas so you can gauge how many supplies you will need to make the plants.

Green Aeonium Materials: 

Seed Beads (rocailles):
B. 32 grams 11/0 opaque rainbow mint green – Preciosa 54230 (main leaf)
C. 20 grams 11/0 opaque rainbow pale green – Preciosa 54410 (leaf edging)
D. 4 grams 11/0 opaque dark red coral – Preciosa 93300 (leaf tip markings)

Colored Copper Wires:
• 55 ft (16.8 m) 24g (0.5 mm) peridot/light lime (leaves)
• 15 ft (4.6 m) 30g (0.25 mm) peridot/green (petal lacing, assembly)

• 6+ inches 14g galvanized steel wire -or- 2x 16g florist stem wires
• Light green or brown floral tape

String of Bananas Materials: 

Seed Beads (rocailles):
A. 30 grams 11/0 opaque wasabi green – Preciosa 53430

Colored Copper Wires:
• 42 ft (12.8 m) 26g (0.4 mm) peridot/light lime

• 4x 18g florist stem wires, or galvanized steel wire
• Light green floral tape
• Light green embroidery floss – I used DMC #581 and 471

© 2023 Lauren Harpster. All rights reserved. This pattern has been published for personal use only. It may not be shared, sold, or re-distributed in any way. It may not be used for teaching classes. Items made from this pattern may be sold, but please be respectful of the time and skill put into designing and teaching by acknowledging Lauren Harpster as the designer in craft fair displays, online listings, and social media posts.

Beading Type

French Beading

Difficulty Level

Beginner, Intermediate

Flower Size

Medium, Short

Project Type

Potted Plants


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French Beaded Succulents: Aeonium and String of Bananas – PDF Pattern
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