Loop-Back PDF Tutorial – Learn French Beading: Intermediate Course – Lesson Four

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Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This is a downloadable PDF version of the Loop-Back French Beading technique lesson from my Learn French Beading: Intermediate Course.

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Learn the Loop-Back add-on technique to add little feathery loops on the sides of your petals and leaves.   

You will need to be familiar with  Basic Frame, Continuous Loops, and Lacing from my Beginner Course. You can also use Loop-backs with Continuous Wraparound Loops and Continuous Basic Frame.

© 2018 Lauren Harpster / Bead & Blossom. All rights reserved. The images and written instructions are copyright protected. This tutorial may not be printed and distributed for personal gain or teaching classes, but feel free to print a copy for personal use. The images and pages may not be uploaded onto other websites. If you would like to share the tutorial, please do so with a link! 


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