PDF Book – French Beaded Christmas Wreath: A One-a-Day Project by Lauren Harpster


“French Beaded Christmas Wreath: A One-a-Day Project” is a brand new publication from designer Lauren Harpster that teaches how to make a large wreath entirely out of seed beads and wire. The original wreath was made one piece each day for a whole year as a beading challenge. The book is laid out for those who wish to follow along with the one piece each day schedule, but it certainly isn’t required to do so.

This is the PDF version of the book. Signed Paperback copies will be available here on my website in a few weeks. Or you can purchase the un-signed paperback or kindle version from Amazon.com.

The book is written in English, and is 87 pages long. It contains almost 290 photos, along with detailed written instructions that guide you from making each piece to the assembly of the wreath. Inside you will find these patterns:

  • Spoke Poinsettia
  • Gold Leaves
  • Pinecone Spray
  • Fir Branches
  • Baby Eucalyptus
  • Holly
  • Berry Stems
  • Amaryllis Flowers
  • Gigantic Bow


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