PDF Book – Learn French Beading: Beginner Course (Full Course Edition)

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It’s here! The PDF edition of my Learn French Beading: Beginner Course is now available.

This book is a handy guide that follows along with my Beginner Course video series on YouTube. The videos and book have been developed especially for beginners wanting to learn the art, but it will be beneficial for experienced artists as well.

I also have a print version of the book available if you would prefer a hard copy. You can find it in my shop or on Amazon.

This book is designed to follow along with my Learn French Beading: Beginner Course video series on YouTube. Because I want more people to try French Beading, the videos are all free. There are videos for each technique as well as each flower (Lavender, Dame’s Rocket, Wild Clematis, Black-Eyed Susan).

I do recommend working through the course with both the book and videos. The book is a very helpful reference guide, and is great for learning how to read patterns.

The book is 90 pages long and contains over 270 high quality images. It is broken into 4 parts.

1 – Getting Started – This part goes into detail on the tools and materials used to make flowers, and how to string beads onto the wires both directly from a hank and using a bead spinner.

2 – Technique Lessons – I find it very important to teach techniques separately, as there’s more that I can teach you about one technique than I can cover in one flower pattern. I want you to have an easy one-stop reference that you can look back on when working with other patterns. This section is also important for learning French Beading terms and abbreviations, as well as how to read a pattern. There are some technique variations in these lessons that are not used in the practice patterns. These lessons are updated versions of the Beginner Course technique lessons on my website.

3 – Practice Patterns – I’ve developed four wildflower patterns to help you practice the techniques and learn a variety of methods to assemble and shape flowers, while also reinforcing your ability to read patterns. The patterns in this section are written in great detail, with lots of clear, high-quality images.

4 – Arranging Beaded Flowers – this part is only included in the book and PDF versions of the course. It will walk you through how I selected my flowers, the beads, my vase, as well as two ways to make an arrangement or bouquet (the same method I use to assemble wedding bouquets!), as well as some alternate arrangement ideas.


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