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“Beaded Berry Collection” is a collaborative PDF collection of patterns by designers Lauren Harpster and Suzanne Steffenson. The PDF has patterns for stems Raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and a potted strawberry plant. It also shows how to combine all of these berries into a candle ring.

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

This PDF collection of patterns contains a variety of Beaded Berry tutorials developed by myself and Suzanne Steffenson. Inside these pages you will explore the principles behind French and Victorian beading to produce mouth-watering, but sadly inedible berries. Our aim in creating this tutorial packet is not only to provide you with detailed bead-and-wire berry patterns to beautify your home, but also to teach new techniques and construction methods to inspire your own creativity.

Patterns Included:

– Continuous Loop Raspberry
– Continuous Loop Blackberry
– Beehive Blackberry
– Blueberry
– Strawberry
The collection also contains instructions for using beaded berries from the patterns to create a fabulous candle ring, and teaches the Basic Frame Berry technique.

The PDF is 45 pages long and contains over 180 high quality pictures along with detailed written instructions to guide you in making your own beaded berries.

The patterns in Beaded Berry Collection are designed for those who are already familiar with these French Beading Techniques:

If you require a tutorial for any of these they are taught for free in the Learn French Beading section of my website.

These French Beading Techniques are fully demonstrated within the tutorial (no prior knowledge required):
– Basic Frame Berry Technique
– Victorian Beading

The tutorial is written in English using both Imperial and Metric terms for measurement.

© 2016 Lauren Harpster and Suzanne Steffenson. All rights reserved.  The designs and patterns are copyright protected and are offered for personal, non-commercial use only. You are purchasing a copy of the pattern for yourself only. The pattern file, the written instructions, and all the photographs within are copyright protected. The file may not be shared with friends and family, resold, or redistributed in any form, even without monetary gain. It may not be edited. The tutorials may not be printed in mass or used for teaching classes. Items made from the tutorials may not be sold without written consent from the authors

Beading Type

French Beading, Victorian Beading

Difficulty Level

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Project Type

Wreath & Wall Hanging

Season & Holiday



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Beaded Berry Collection, French Beaded Berry master classes by Lauren Harpster and Suzanne SteffensonBeaded Berry Collection – PDF Edition
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