Re-visiting Old Pieces

This was not the post I was planning on putting up this month, but recent events in the world and in my personal life have left me with a bit of mental blockage. So I figured I’d take some time to re-photograph some of my older pieces that have been sitting around my house. I’ve only done a few so far.

Last year I started investing in new photography equipment, backgrounds, and even took a few photography classes. The purpose was to explore photography a little deeper and expand my skills in that arena. I’m hoping it can be another form of creative expression. I won’t claim to be all that great at it yet as I’m still exploring and playing, but I think I’m off to a good start.

First up is a pot of Paperwhites I made a few years ago. This one has always been hard to photograph due to it’s height. I had to use some angled shots with my new setup, otherwise the piece would have been too tall for the background.

Then I photographed a miniature Orchid that I made with size 15/0 seed beads. One thing I’m playing with is creating stylized scenes. This is proving a bit difficult for me, as I always feel like the staging doesn’t quite make sense, and I want it to make sense. I purchased a window background, unsure if I’d be able to make it work. I was worried about distracting from the flowers, or it looking too fake. So I decided to try it with this little orchid. I used the same basic staging and changed only the background. I do think the orchid shows up better on the brick, but the window does feel appealing. So… I think the images have different purposes. One to show detail and the other for attention.

I also photographed the arrangement I made for my Beginner Course on the window background. Still fairly busy, but not overall terrible. I do think I like the close-up shots on the windows better. There’s less window to take in.

Lastly, I photographed a sculpture I made somewhere around 8 years ago. This is my Southern Magnolia sculpture, which I made in memory of a tree I spent a lot of my childhood climbing and playing in.

I will likely be doing more, and I’ll share those photos on Facebook and Instagram for those who want to see them.

In other news, my Miniature Tulips video class is available to purchase on my Video Classes page. So if you missed that bead-along last month, or participated and want continued access to the course, it is up and ready to go. You can also purchase just the Miniature Tulips PDF if you prefer to go that route. I have a class preview video on YouTube if you’d like to take a peek.

I had a little bit of fun photographing these tulips as well. Even managed a dark and moody shot with a little reflection. Some of my tulips ended up in a pot with my Miniature Daffodils.

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