Some Freebies, New Technique Tutorials, and Updates

Hello there! Welcome to my first official blog post on my brand new website. 🙂 Just in case you don’t remember, I’ve just moved my website from Lauren’s Creations to Bead & Blossom. And so far I am really loving the new website, and I hope that those of you who have used it already are enjoying it too. 

Freebie Patterns

First off, I discovered that in this new shop I can add free products that you can download without checking out. This allows me to get a count for which patterns are being downloaded the most, while still being a convenient, quick, and easy download for you. So there is a Free Patterns section in my shop. 

What I’ve added since I opened Bead & Blossom is a PDF version of my French Beaded Lavender Pattern. This one was previously only available just as a web page on my old website, but now you can download it. 

I’ve also re-designed my French Beaded Daisy pattern. I changed a few details, added in more petals, a smaller flower, and buds. This pattern is also available in the free section. I’ve been going back and forth about whether to offer this one for free or make it a regular un-free product because it took so much more extra time and effort than I planned to spend on a free pattern, especially since I’ve been publishing lot of new free stuff lately. On Facebook I announced that it would be free just for the first week, but overnight I changed my mind. It’s nearly Christmas and you are all so wonderful and have been so supportive of me through the years, so it’s free forever as an early Christmas Gift from me to you. Please do make good use of it. If you do make flowers from any of my patterns, please send me pictures! Even if you think you haven’t done a good job. Even if you’re still learning. You’ve probably done better than you think. I love seeing them so much! 

New Technique Tutorials

Since I opened Bead & Blossom at the beginning of the month, I’ve added two new techniques to my Learn French Beading: Intermediate Course. The first covers French Beaded Ruffles and the second teaches Split-Loop.


I’ve taught ruffles before on my old website, but there is some new information in this one. I’ve developed an alternative way to make ruffles that doesn’t require cutting a very long length of wire. I’m calling it “Ruffle-as-you-go”. Whether this will be an easier way to make ruffles or not really depends on you and what you’re comfortable with, but I think it’s at least worth checking out and trying. The tutorial does teach the traditional method too. 

The second new technique is Split-Loop. I’ve not taught this one on my website before, though it does make an appearance in my Christmas Collection book. This is not one of my favorite techniques, but it’s still cool. 

2018 One-A-Day Project Update

If you’ve been following me for a while, then you know that I took on a year-long project where I make one French Beaded flower or leaf every day for the whole year. I decided to make a color wheel wreath for mine, because I couldn’t decide which color I liked best to use all year, and to help get rid of small bits of beads that I had lying around.

There are about 5 weeks left in the year, and all I have left to make are purple and pink leaves to go with the purple and pink flowers I made in previous months. I’ve already started assembling my wreath.

This is what she looks like so far with all the red, orange, yellow, green, and blue pieces. And a couple close-ups of some of the sections.

French Beaded Flower wreath by Lauren Harpster - 2018 One-A-Day Color Wheel Project
French Beaded Flower wreath by Lauren Harpster - 2018 One-A-Day Color Wheel Project
2018 One-A-Day French Beaded Flower wreath by Lauren harpster

So far I am very pleased with how it’s turning out. But it’s ridiculously heavy. Even heavier than the wedding bouquets I’ve made, and I will actually have to reinforce the steel frame it’s attached to. My husband thinks I should put lights in it to make it even more fabulous, and he’s probably right. But I think I’ll put them in the back-side behind the flowers instead of stringing them throughout. I don’t want any cord showing. His grandfather actually gave me some color-changing strip lights, so maybe I’ll use that… though multi-colored lights might not look that great. We’ll see how it turns out.

I have enjoyed this project so much that I’m already planning next year’s One-A-Day project. Originally I was going to make a chandelier, but I’ve changed my mind. I’ll save that for something else. After seeing all the beautiful French Beaded Christmas arrangements in our Facebook Group, I decided that I really need a giant Christmas wreath. Well, I don’t know how large it will be yet, but I need 365 pieces so chances are it will be at least fairly large. One petal, leaf, berry sprig, etc per day. Muahaha. I’m so excited.


I was not originally planning on building a new website this year, so I’d already had lots of projects and patterns lined up. Then the new website just really needed to be done for several reasons that I won’t go into, so everything else got pushed to the side for a couple months. 

If you’re following me on Instagram (@beadandblossomstudio), then you might have seen me preview some roses. I was working on those before the website insanity (seriously, I almost lost my mind. It was ridiculous and reduced me to tears on multiple occasions), but then after I couldn’t find the inspiration to finish them. Around the same time I decided to try my hand at growing real flowers again and potted some Paperwhite bulbs to force indoors. They bloomed (well one did…) right around when I finished the website, and I was so excited that I actually got real, live flowers to grow that I just really really need to make them. 

French Beaded Rose by Lauren Harpster

… So instead of finishing my Roses, I started making Paperwhites. And I’ve been working on them all month. That will be the next pattern I publish. I’m actually really hoping my manic teething toddler will allow me enough time to finish that this upcoming week (so beginning of December), so expect another email from me soon announcing that release. 

After the Paperwhites I’m going to finish my new Roses, but that will be later in December. 

After Roses is Bearded Iris, which will be January or February depending on how much time I have. This pattern was specifically requested by multiple people, so I’ve found a way to fit it into my pattern publishing lineup. I’m going to try for two different versions. One will be based off of previous Irises that I’ve made. The other will have mega ruffles. Most likely they will be combined in one PDF. 

French Beaded Irises by Lauren Harpster

I’m also still working on a video series and practice patterns to go along with my Learn French Beading: Beginner Course. I’m still a couple months away from having that finished, but it’s coming along. And I’m also slowly developing patterns for my second book (I several prototypes and a couple finished, and it’s really hard to have to keep them all a secret). So, busy busy, but lots of exciting stuff to look forward to and I don’t think I’ve ever been happier. This is why I quit doing custom work, so I could put more effort into teaching and following my little beading heart. 

As always, happy beading! 

– Lauren


  • Lee

    Laurren I am loving learning how to make French Beaded Flowers. I bought some Artistic Wire and Zebra Wire . Both in 24 gauge Wire .
    Thank You

  • Carolyn

    I just found you! I’ve purchased your book and downloaded the lavender pattern to make. I have cats who eat plants so this is the perfect thing for me! Thank you for sharing.

    • Lauren Harpster

      Hello Carolyn! So glad you found my website, and I hope you can make good use of the tutorials. If you ever have any questions, please let me know. I’m always happy to help.

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