Learn the art of French Beaded Flowers

New to French Beading?

My Learn French Beading: Beginner Course was designed to help you get started in this marvelous art form.

The course discusses tools and materials, teaches the beginner-level techniques, and demonstrates four practice flower patterns – Lavender, Dame’s Rocket, Black-Eyed Susan, and Wild Clematis.

Newest Designs

Find these new flower patterns (and more) in my store!

  • French Beaded Ox-Eye Daisy pattern by Lauren Harpster
  • French Beaded Texas Bluebonnet pattern by Lauren Harpster
  • French Beaded Collarette Dahlia pattern by Lauren Harpster
  • French Beaded Blue Flax pattern by Lauren Harpster

Intermediate Techniques Video Series

My Learn French Beading: Intermediate Techniques video series picks up where my Beginner Course left off. In this series I teach how to build on top of and alter the techniques from my Beginner Course to make different kinds of shapes.

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