Welcome to Bead & Blossom! A brand new website dedicated to helping others learn the wonderful art of French Beading.

My name is Lauren Harpster and I am a French Beaded Flower designer. (You may remember me from my previous website – All of the flowers you see on my website are my original designs. 

I am still in the process of moving all my material to this new website and getting all my brand new free tutorials up and ready, but my “Learn French Beading: Beginner Course” is finished for those who want to get started learning how to make French Beaded Flowers. 

Book available!

French Beading Patterns: Christmas Collection by Lauren Harpster

My first book “French Beading Patterns: Christmas Collection” is available on Amazon! You can also find it on,,,,,, and

(The above US Amazon link is an affiliate link. I get a small extra percentage of book sales when you purchase after clicking on this link. Thank you!)

Grand Opening Sale

My shop is finally open! To celebrate the grand opening of Bead & Blossom, all my patterns and books are on sale! Come take a peek in my Shop


Latest YouTube Video

Free French Beaded Flower Tutorial - Globe Amaranth by Lauren Harpster
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