French Beaded Rainbow wreath by Lauren Harpster

Hello! I am Lauren Harpster – bead designer and author.  Welcome to my website dedicated to teaching the old art of French Beaded Flowers. 

Follow along with me and learn how to make realistic flowers out of tiny glass seed beads and wire. If you are new to the art, I would recommend starting with the Beginner Course in the “Learn” section of my website. 

Upcoming Bead-along

French Beaded Succulents by Lauren Harpster

In May I will be teaching my two new French Beaded Succulent designs – Echeveria and Sedum Stahlii (aka Coral Bells). The bead-along will happen in the “Learn how to make French Beaded Flowers” group on Facebook. 

After the class, the patterns will be available to purchase on my website. 

New Patterns!

I’ve recently released three new patterns in my shop: Bauble #1 – a French Beaded Christmas Ornament, Miniature Poinsettia Topiary, and Miniature Daffodil. 

Latest YouTube Videos

I’ve started a large personal project, and thought it would be fun to do a video documentation on my journey through figuring out how to make this baby. This will be a long-term project as other things I’m working on are higher priority. But I’m looking forward to making and sharing this piece! 

The final video in my Miniature Daffodil series demonstrates how to pot French Beaded Flowers in clay.