Learn the art of French Beaded Flowers!

My Learn French Beading: Beginner Course was designed to help you get started in this marvelous art form. Fill your home with flowers that never die!

The course discusses tools and materials, teaches the beginner-level French Beading techniques, and demonstrates four practice flower patterns – Lavender, Dame’s Rocket, Black-Eyed Susan, and Wild Clematis.

The video course is completely free! But I did also publish a paperback book that goes along with the course.

Newest French Beading Patterns

Find these new patterns (and more) in my shop!

anemone pattern display

Intermediate Techniques Video Series

My Learn French Beading: Intermediate Techniques video series picks up where my Beginner Course left off. In this series I teach how to build on top of and alter the techniques from my Beginner Course to make different kinds of shapes.

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